Chapter 3 Study Questions

Chapter 3 Study Questions - 13. Electronic mailing lists of...

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Chapter 3 Study Questions 1. What is the Internet? 2. How would you describe the Internet backbone? 3. One of the more recent e-mail scams, which lures Internet users into revealing personal information, is referred to as a _____________. 4. Software, such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses, that has a malicious intent, is known as ________. 5. A form of voice-based Internet communication that turns a standard Internet connection into a means to place phone calls is called _______________. 6. Personal logs or journal entries posted on the Web are known as __________. 7. How can you narrow your search results when using a search engine? 8. What character is a wildcard that stands in place or a series of letters? 9. What kind or search engines searches other search engines? 10. List web based email clients available. 11. List some of the Internet backbone providers. 12. An online community where many people come together to communicate is referred to as a _______.
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Electronic mailing lists of e-mail addresses of people who are interested in a certain topic or area of interest are known as _______________. 14. What are plug-ins and list a few examples. 15. Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster are considered ______________. 16. What are some of the typical indications that a web site is secure? 17. What does the term URL stand for? 18. In the URL, the portion labeled http is the ___________. 19. In the URL, the portion labeled edu is the ___________. 20. What protocol allows files to be transferred from a Web server so that you can view them on your computer using a browser? 21. The adware programs that are more intrusive and transmit information about you without your knowledge are considered ___________. 22. What is a breadcrumb trail? 23. Where does a browser keep the information of the Web sites that you have visited?...
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Chapter 3 Study Questions - 13. Electronic mailing lists of...

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