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CHAPTER 9: ALCOHOL Dr. Olfert's Brief Topic Overview Alcoholic beverages are produced through fermentation or distillation processes. Throughout the world, people consume alcohol for a variety of reasons. There are some potential health benefits from alcohol consumption. Drinking in moderation is important, as the effects of over consumption of alcohol can be very damaging, and even deadly. Alcohol consumption, in excess, can disrupt sleep, cause hangovers, interact with hormones, lead to overnutrition and malnutrition, damage vital organs (such as the heart, liver, and digestive organs). Drinking during pregnancy can
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Unformatted text preview: cause fetal alcohol syndrome in the developing baby, which leads to lifelong physical, mental, and behavioral abnormalities. Alcohol abuse is a tremendous problem in the United States. Binge drinking, drinking and driving, and underage drinking result in thousands of avoidable deaths annually. While there is no cure for the disease of alcoholism, programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous have helped people recover through self-help therapies and support. Some individuals, such as pregnant and lactating women, those on certain medications or with specific health conditions, and children should avoid alcohol altogether....
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