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Notes 11-7 - response • etiolated tissue-starved of...

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Hormone-chemical signal used to send a message to another part of the plant Plant growth regulators=plant hormones Involved in signal transduction pathways to communicate environmental change o Receptor molecule -protein embedded in the cell membrane, which changes in response to an environmental stimulus o Receptor molecule relays message through secondary messengers , which amplify the signal RESPONSE (1) reception of signal, (2) transduction of signal (3) cellular
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Unformatted text preview: response • etiolated tissue-starved of tissue, very little chlorophyll, long stem [example of a signal transduction pathway] • hormones may alter gene expression, alter enzymatic activity, or alter membrane properties allowing things to cross membrane • shoots-negatively geotropic, roots-positively geotropic • auxin=IAA=indolacetic acid...
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