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Notebook Guidelines-1

Notebook Guidelines-1 - measurements color change temp...

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Lab Notebook Guidelines CHEM 53/54 – Spring 2010 - It must have carbon or carbonless copies. - All entries should be neat and legible. - Pen must be used for ALL entries. - The white pages should NEVER be torn out. - Errors should be noted with a strike-through (ie. mollecole molecule) never completely obliterated or white out. - There should never be loose pages in the notebook. Anything that is printed separately should be permanently affixed to a notebook page if it must be included. - Skipped pages should be avoided whenever possible - Any blank pages or large white areas must be X’ed through - You should keep a TOC at the beginning of your notebook - Fill out the top of the page (date, experiment, name, partners, title) for the first page of an experiment. Subsequent pages may be marked with Experiment XX, CONT. Although this is not acceptable in an industry or academic research notebook, for our purposes it will save time. - All data and observations should be recorded here (mass
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Unformatted text preview: measurements, color change, temp, etc).-A detailed description of how the lab was actually performed should be noted.-Anything unusual or any observed mistakes should be recorded (ie. Dropped sample on lab bench before recording its mass).-All data should also include the appropriate units.-Any calculations you perform during the lab should be done in your notebook or a note should be made that calculations were performed in excel. You will not be using data sheets in lab this semester. You lab notebook is your record of everything that you do in lab. There are times where data is collected directly onto the computer, in which case it is not necessary to copy it into your notebook, but a print-out may help you keep track of things. Although it is your notebook, please keep it neat. Your TA will need to read though the pages you hand in with your report....
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