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Problem Set 7 – Chemistry 457A – Spring 2009 due: Thursday, May 20, 6:00 pm Problem 1 - Collisions in application. Consider two conductivities: thermal and electrical. Discuss in detail (1 paragraph) how they are the same (if at all) and different. Plot a graph for both as a function of temperature T and discuss low and high T limits (you may include some relevant equations). Hint: think about the collisions between the particles, the energy transfer, etc. Problem 2 - Thermal conductivity. What are the ratios of the thermal conductivity of gaseous H 35 Cl at 342 K and at 15 K? Hint: you may want to check what the rotational temperature for H 35 Cl is (B=10.595 cm - 1 ). Problem 3 - Maxwell-Boltzman distribution. At what speeds would molecules of nitrogen, oxygen, CO, and H 2 O leave the surface of the earth, Mars, and the moon of the earth? Note: this is a study problem - you need to research a little to find some relevant parameter. If necessary make reasonable assumptions (make sure to state them clearly in your homework). Problem 4 - Brownian motion.
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