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Chapter 6 - Skin and the Integumentary System 6.1 Introduction (p. 117) A. Organs are body structures composed of two or more different tissues. B. The skin and its accessory organs make up the integumentary system. 6.2 Types of Membranes (p. 117) A. Serous membranes line body cavities that lack openings to the outside. 1. They line the thorax and abdomen and cover the organs within these cavities. 2. Serous membranes are made up of epithelium and loose connective tissue and secrete serous fluid that acts as a lubricant. B. Mucous membranes line the cavities and openings that lead to the outside of the body, including the oral and nasal cavities, and openings of the digestive, reproductive, respiratory, and urinary systems. 1. They consist of epithelium and connective tissue with specialized cells that secrete mucus. C. Synovial membranes line the joint cavities. 1. These membranes consist of connective tissue only that secretes lubricating synovial fluid. D. The cutaneous membrane consists of the skin, and is the subject of the remainder of this chapter. 6.3 Skin and Its Tissues (p. 117; Fig. 6.1) A. The skin is a large organ responsible for maintaining homeostasis through temperature regulation, protection of underlying tissues, retardation of water loss, housing sensory receptors, synthesizing certain chemicals, and excreting wastes. B.
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chap06outline - Chapter 6 - Skin and the Integumentary...

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