16 multinationalism - CHAPTER 16: MULTINATIONALISM ON THE...

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CHAPTER 16: MULTINATIONALISM ON THE MAP CHAPTER OUTLINE I. Supranationalism A. The efforts of three or more states to forge associations for common advantage and in pursuit of common goals 1. Today, some 60 organizations exist 2. The more states involved the less likely they are to act alone in selfish pursuits B. International sanctions 1. Designed to induce states to change their behavior 2. Examples: South Africa, Iraq C. From League of Nations to United Nations 1. Supranationalism began with the forming of the League of Nations in 1919 2. The League, though unsuccessful itself, spawned other international organizations 3. The League laid groundwork for maritime boundaries that helped decades later II. The United Nations A. Representation of countries has been more universal than that of the League (Figure16- 1) 1. Membership of 191 states in 2002 2. Has many subsidiaries that are very productive 3. Member states are committed to standards of behavior B. Peacekeeping operatio ns 1. Individual states have asked the UN to intervene in internal conflicts 2. Any UN army is made up of soldiers from member states 3. Peace-keeping operations are not always successful—Yugoslavia 4. By the middle of 2001, more than 40,000 peacekeeping troops served in many different countries 5. The UN peacekeeping function provides major benefits to the international community C. Unrepresented peoples 1. Created in 1991, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO)
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16 multinationalism - CHAPTER 16: MULTINATIONALISM ON THE...

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