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OF CITIES CHAPTER OUTLINE I. Introduction A. Relationships between cities and surrounding countrysides can be measured and mapped 1. Every city and town has an adjacent region within which its influence in dominant 2. Hinterland —German word meaning the land ”behind” the city 3. Large cities tend to lie farther apart than smaller ones B. What this chapter covers 1. Evolution of cities 2. Urban geography —study of how cities function, their internal systems and structures, and the external influences on them II. Ranking urban centers A. Urban hierarchy and functions of clustered settlements 1. A hamlet is usually a settlement of fewer than 100 people, and may or may not have an urban function if it offers no services 2. A village is likely to offer several dozen services 3. A town has a higher level of specialization and has a hinterland 4. The city a) More functional specialization and a larger hinterland b) A well-defined commercial center c) Greater centrality 5. Megalopolises —multiple cities that have grown together to create a single urban expanse 6. Example of so-called Bosnywash III. Place and location A. Growth of Shenzhen, China (Figure 22-1) B. Urban situation 1. Shenzhen lies across the border from Hong Kong a) Profits from its relative location—its situation b) Situation can change 2. Example of Paris (Figure 22-2) 3. Favorable situation of Chicago 4. Situation can deteriorate over time a) Example of United States’ northeastern manufacturing belt b) Example of Berlin C. Urban site 1. The actual physical qualities of the place a city occupies 2. The original site of Paris was an island (Figure 22-3) 3. Site problems of Mexico City a) Mountain flanked basin b) Built on a now-dry lake-bed and is chronically short of water c) Vulnerable to earthquakes d) Polluted air and is encircled by100s of slums e) Annual total growth of about 750,000 inhabitants 4. Bangkok, Thailand is sinking because of water pumping from needed wells
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