26 concepts of development

26 concepts of development - CHAPTER 26: CONCEPTS OF...

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CHAPTER 26: CONCEPTS OF DEVELOPMENT CHAPTER OUTLINE I. Introduction A. Differences in per capita GNP for selected countries (Table 26-1) 1. The economy and social geography of the contemporary world is a patchwork of contrasts a) Shifting cultivators b) Mechanization of grain farming in North America, Ukraine, and eastern Australia c) Papua, New Guinea—toolmakers still fashion implements by hand B. Still areas within industrialized countries where change is slow 1. Rural South in the United States 2. Remote areas of western and northern Japan 3. Examples of Pacific Rim of East Asia, and China II. Concepts and approaches A. Classifying countries into categories of development 1. Developed countries —countries with high levels of urbanization, industrialization, and high standards of living 2. Underdeveloped countries —opposite end of the development scale 3. Concept of development is complicated 4. The GNP index is commonly used to measure development a) Criteria used for comparison will influence the outcome b) Data is not always reliable c) Discussion of the use of the GNP and its problems 5. Other measures of economic development a) Occupational structure of the labor force b) Productivity per worker c) Consumption of energy per person d) Transportation and communications facilities per person e) Consumption of manufactured metals per person f) Dependency ratio g) Social indicator rates 6. Some countries come out in approximately the same position no matter which measure is used a) None of the approaches produces a clear dividing line between developed and b) Classifying countries became more acute in the 1960s and 1970s c) Some countries classified as underdeveloped began shooting ahead
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26 concepts of development - CHAPTER 26: CONCEPTS OF...

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