27 deindustralization & rise of service sector

27 deindustralization & rise of service sector -...

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CHAPTER 27: DEINDUSTRIALIZATION AND THE RISE OF THE SERVICE SECTOR CHAPTER OUTLINE I. Introduction II. Categories of service industries A. Origins of manufacturing boom 1. Trace to the mass-production assembly line pioneered by Henry Ford 2. Fordist —name given to Henry Ford's assembly line production technique 3. End of World War II began to challenge the Fordist order 4. Sharp rise in oil prices in the 1970s caused increasing difficulty for core industrial regions to sustain competitive advantage a) Movement toward mechanization b) Development of service and information industries 5. Service sector is broken down into three categories a) Tertiary industries b) Quaternary industries c) Quinary industries 6. With the approach of World War II, the quaternary sector began expanding rapidly 7. During the last three decades the quaternary and quinary sectors have experienced very rapid growth, giving greater meaning to the term postindustrial III. Geographic dimensions of economic activity A. Wealthier industrial regions were the most successful in establishing a postindustrial service economy 1. Deindustrialization did little to change basic disparities between core and periphery 2. Even in the manufacturing realm, mechanization and innovative production strategies allowed core industrial regions to retain their dominance
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27 deindustralization & rise of service sector -...

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