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tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Growing a business Introduction The growth of a business is when it expands in size. The size of a business can be measured by the following means: f Sales turnover (or sales revenue) f Number of employees f Share capital (the number of shares times the price of each share) f Market share – the sales of the business of a particular product as a proportion of all sales of that type of product. A 5% market share would mean that 1 in 20 of all products sold are sold by that business. f Number of outlets (e.g. shops) They may mean to grow in size or sometimes it just happens without the business making a conscientious effort to do so. Businesses either grow organically or by acquisition and mergers. f Organic growth means the business grows by expanding its sales or their operations and is financed through its own profits. f Acquisitions and mergers are when the business joins or buys other businesses, not necessary of the same type. Businesses may wish to expand for the following reasons: f Benefit from economies of scale – lower unit costs due to an increase in size f A larger market share (selling more products than before) means they can charge higher prices and gain more profit f As means of survival if they wish to compete with other growing businesses Some businesses start selling or acquiring businesses that are not in the same market as the markets
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5 organisation_growing_a_business - tutor2u GCSE Business...

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