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tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Effective communication There are several factors that will determine what the best or most appropriate method of communication: f Content of the message (e.g. is it confidential or lengthy) f Speed required f Amount of feedback wanted f Type of feedback required – e.g. is a decision required from the person to whom the communication is sent f Cost The advancement of information technology has altered the way that many businesses communicate. For example, fax was a popular form of communication for businesses in the 1980’s. Whilst it still has its uses, people now largely use e-mail instead. The internet is a key tool for many firms now to communicate with many different groups, such as advertising to customers and finding suppliers. Investing in the new technology is costly however and potentially it can become outdated within a few years. There is also the need to train many staff on how to use the technology effectively and even then some employees may be reluctant to change from their traditional methods. Formal communication
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2 people_communication_effectiveness - tutor2u GCSE...

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