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tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Motivating employees – financial rewards In reality, despite the views of Herzberg that monetary methods of motivation have little value, firms still use money as a major incentive. There are a variety of payment systems that a business could use to motivate its employees. Wages and Salaries Wages are normally paid per hour worked and workers receive money at the end of the week. Overtime is paid for any additional hours worked during the week. However salaries are annual (based on a year’s work) and are paid at the end of each month. Advantage Disadvantage Simple and easy to use for businesses Workers may resent being paid the same as a colleague who they feel is not so productive Piece-rate Piece-rate is paying a worker per item they produce in a certain period of time. It was recommended by the motivation theorist Taylor and had close links with working on production lines. Advantages
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5 people_motivation_financial_rewards - tutor2u GCSE...

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