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tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Interviews An interview is the most common form of selection as it is relatively cheap to undertake and is the chance for an employer to meet the applicant face to face and so obtain much more information on what the person is like and how suitable they are for the job. Examples of information that can only be learnt from interview and not on paper from a CV or application form are: f Conversational ability - often known as people skills f Natural enthusiasm or manner of the applicant f See how applicant reacts under pressure f Queries on comments or details missing from CV or application form Interviewers should also follow-up a candidate’s references , which can act as the final check that all the information given by the candidate is correct. An honest reference from an independent source can also reveal good or bad incidences from the candidate’s past or particular traits that may have been missed. There are though other forms of selection tests that can be used in addition to an interview to help select
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