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11 people_recruitment_job_applications

11 people_recruitment_job_applications - tutor2u GCSE...

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tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Dealing with job applications For many jobs, a business will ask applicants to provide a curriculum vitae (CV ). This is a document (often on one or two sides of A4) that the applicant designs providing the details summarised below. Personal details Name, address, date of birth, nationality Educational history Including examination results, schools/universities attended, professional qualifications Previous employment history Names of employers, position held, main achievements, remuneration package, reasons for leaving Suitability and reasons for applying for the job A chance for applicants to ‘sell themselves’ Names of referees Often recent employer or people who know applicant well and are ideally independent In some circumstances however an applicant may be asked to fill in a firm’s own application form . This is different from a CV in that the employer designs it and sends it to applicants, but it will still ask for much of the same information.
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