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tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Trade unions A trade union is an organisation that employees can join in order to have their interests and goals better represented. A worker will pay an annual subscription and in return will have their interests more powerfully represented than if they had to negotiate with employers on their own. Workers acting together in a trade union can counterbalance the power of large firms. This is due to collective bargaining where all trade union members are balloted (given the opportunity to vote) on issues and a trade union representative then negotiates with the employer on their behalf. The negotiations and relationship between a trade union and an employer is known as industrial relations . Traditionally trade unions used to focus their attention on obtaining a good standard of pay for their members but more recently unions are concentrating on protecting the individual rights of their members. This may mean providing legal and financial support and advice for members who feel their employer has discriminated against them or dismissed them unfairly. There are four main types of trade union as outlined in the table below: Type of Union Description / Example Craft of skills union To represent skilled workers e.g. Musicians Union (MU) Industrial unions To represent the members of one particular industry e.g. Fire Brigades Union (FBU) General unions Unions which recruit workers from all types of industries and with any level or range of skills e.g. Amicus – the Manufacturing Science and Finance Union (MSF)
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13 people_trade_unions - tutor2u GCSE Business Studies...

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