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tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Business location Introduction Every business has to be located somewhere. A sole trader who works as a window cleaner may operate from home, where as a multinational car company will have factories, offices and outlets in many countries. For both businesses however, where to locate may be the most important decision they make and can determine their success. It is a very expensive decision to reverse. Factors Affecting Location There are many factors that determine where a business will locate: f Cost of site f Availability of labour f Proximity to raw materials f Proximity to market f Infrastructure f Government incentives Cost of site The amount, type and cost of land are all important factors in choosing a location. The cost of land will vary greatly across regions and countries. For example the cost of a site in the South East of England will be significantly higher than a similar site in the North East. Also the kind of land may be important (e.g. avoiding areas of possible mining subsidence) The ability to expand and to build new premises may be important. This would require the support of the local authorities for planning permission. Availability of Labour
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1 production_business_location - tutor2u GCSE Business...

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