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6 production_efficiency_improvements

6 production_efficiency_improvements - tutor2u GCSE...

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tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Ways to increase productivity & efficiency There are several ways a business can try to improve efficiency levels. Train the workforce Training the workforce in order to give them more skills or knowledge is clearly a cost to firms. They will often have to pay experts to train employees and will also lose the productive time of employees whilst they are training. However this increase in cost should be more than offset in the long term by improvements in the workers productivity levels. This is because training should enable workers to work more quickly and more accurately (produce better quality products). Improve motivation A better-motivated workforce will work harder and take pride in their work. This should increase the speed of production and also improve the quality of products that are being produced. There are many different financial (e.g. bonuses) and non-financial ways (e.g. empowerment) for businesses to motivate their workers.
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