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1 finance_accounts_financial_introduction

Purchase ledger shows how much is owed by the

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Unformatted text preview: provided goods and services on credit. Cash book and bank statements: shows all transactions involving cash (e.g. receipts from customers, payments to suppliers, employee wages). Nominal (or "General") ledger: used to categorise the transactions of a business under headings e.g. sales of widgets, raw materials, electricity, and postage. ,, ,, ,, These records are used to maintain the information that is used to make up the main financial statements. Financial Statements Financial accounting produces the following key documents: ,, ,, Profit and loss account showing how the business has traded for a specific period. Balance sheet a statement of the assets and liabilities of a business at a particular time, and how those assets and liabilities have been financed. Cash flow statement a statement showing how cash has come into the business and what it has been spent on. ,, tutor2u GCSE Business Studies Key Links for GCSE Business Studies http://www.tutor2u.net/ Discussion Board for GCSE Business Studies Other GCSE Business Studies Revision Notes and Resources from tutor2u Tutor2u GCSE Business Online Store...
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