ss13 - The principle of racial segregation underpinned the...

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The principle of racial segregation underpinned the apartheid system in South Africa. Since the establishment of the post-apartheid regime, one of the most progressive constitutions in the world has been adopted and the possibility of moving beyond the pain and hatred of the apartheid era has been secured in part by the activities of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Race is a term with common currency in everyday language and is often assumed to describe biological differences. In fact, there is no scientific basis for the concept. Race is sociologically important because of the processes of racialization, the process by which understandings of race are used to classify individuals or groups of people within society. Ethnicity refers to the cultural practices and outlooks of a given community, which identifies them as a distinctive group. The term ‘black’ to describe an individual or group has a complicated history. Initially its connotations were racist, but through the ‘black rights’ movement it became adopted by some as a positive identity. ‘Black’ was used by some scholars and activists to describe any individual or group subject to a shared experience of racist oppression. More recently, this use has been questioned, as it erases real differences in the experiences of different minority groups. The term ‘minority group’ doesn’t simply describe a numerical minority within a broader population. To be part of a ‘minority’ is to be a disadvantaged group with some shared sense of identity. Prejudice is holding beliefs which prejudge members of a group, typically based on limited information and stereotypes. The psychological process of displacement directs feelings of hostility against objects that are not the real origins of those feelings. Discrimination refers to actual behaviour towards a group. Racism is prejudice based
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ss13 - The principle of racial segregation underpinned the...

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