Comm 101 Assignment # 1[1]

Comm 101 Assignment # 1[1] - existing models that we have...

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Assignment # 1 (Due Wednesday October 11) Thus far in the course we have discussed the complexities involved with communication, and have read and discussed several theorists who have attempted to create a useful model for the study of human communication (i.e. Thayer, Dance, Schramm, Lasswell). All of these models explain whether or not communication is one-way or two- way and emphasize a specific aspect of the communication process (i.e. time, field of experience, opinion leader). However, similar to Dance and Larson, who came up with 126 different definitions for the term communication, these are not the only useful models to explain and describe the process of human communication. Your task is to develop your own original communication model . Use the material that we have gone over in class, your textbook, and your own intuitions. What is your model of human communication? Why do you think your model would be considered suitable for the study of human communication? How is your model similar to and different from the
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Unformatted text preview: existing models that we have gone over in class? What is the major emphasis in your model? Is it considered a one-way or two-way model and why? The paper should be approximately three double-spaced pages of text, and must be typed. You are also responsible for presenting a pictorial representation of your model on a separate page attached to the end of the paper. Make sure that the elements included in your model are both big enough for me to read and explained well enough for me to follow. No late papers will be accepted. When you site from the textbook, please be sure to use correct parenthetical notation. Since all of your data will come from the textbook, there is no need to do a works cited for this paper. Have fun with this assignment, be creative, and try to develop, discuss, explain, and illustrate your original model of communication as explicitly and as straightforward as possible....
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Comm 101 Assignment # 1[1] - existing models that we have...

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