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Summary Leadership differs from management in that it creates the vision and inspires people to achieve it, whereas management plans and implements the detail of how the vision will be achieved. Both behaviours are important in getting things done in organisations. There has been some dispute over whether leaders are ‘born’ or ‘made’—whether leadership traits can be learned. While there are some personality characteristics that will increase your likelihood of being a great leader, and being in the right place at the right time certainly helps too, it is possible to improve on your leadership behaviours so that you can help a team to achieve highly. This will only happen if you actually have a desire to be a leader. Research done by Posner and Kouzes (1995) identified five leadership practices. By focusing on these five behaviours you will be able to achieve highly. 1. Challenge the process 2. Inspire a shared vision 3. Enable others to act 4. Model the way 5. Encourage the heart
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