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Summary Organisations should hold regular general meetings of all staff. These improve morale and help to encourage teamwork. Both the meeting’s structure and the style of leadership should vary to suit the conditions and purpose of the meeting. Careful planning will improve the effectiveness of meetings. Follow the four key steps in the section ‘Planning the meeting’. Not everyone enjoys meetings. A mixture of different communication styles will be present in any meeting room. Be tolerant, and try to help everyone to benefit. An agenda should give, in advance, as much information as possible about the topic to be discussed, the time and length of the meeting, and other details, to enable participants to prepare. Large meetings may work better if, at various stages, members split into subgroups for discussions and subsequently report their views to the full meeting. Meetings work best if you follow the seven steps for effective meetings in the section ‘Facilitating/leading the meeting’. Facilitators and convenors assume many
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