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Summary Giving workplace presentations can be scary and difficult to avoid in professional life—but they are very rewarding. If you take every opportunity to present, your skills will soon increase and you will enjoy presenting a lot more. You will also find that it has advantages for your career. You begin to be seen as an ‘expert’ on a topic after you present to an audience. If you are seeking a management or senior-level position, confident speaking is an essential skill, and giving presentations improves your profile. Audiences respond best to talks that fit with their experience and expectations. In business there will be a wide variety of audiences—colleagues, managers, executives, clients, new employees—so you will have to customise your approach to suit your audience. You will need to clearly establish the prior knowledge, attitudes and expectations of the members of the audience before you present to them. Time limits are crucial—prepare and practise your presentation to fit an allocated or appropriate time
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