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Summary Writing in five stages 1. Think and plan Once you have captured your ideas, organising them will be easy. After that—check, correct, clarify. Some writers begin with a written outline—a detailed list of every topic they intend to write about. Others find more open methods, such as ‘random writing’, are more effective. 2. Think about the reader/s The average reader prefers to do business with someone whose correspondence has a personal approach, is friendly, and appears to be written with the receiver in mind. Readers need to see each idea clearly, so write about only one topic in each paragraph, use blank lines to separate paragraphs, use headings as signposts and number important headings and subheadings. 3. Capture your ideas Write down the ideas as they occur to you so as not to lose any which may be important. 4. Organise the shape/structure and look of your communication Develop a layout and logical sequence for your ideas and sentences. 5.
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