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ch2 - I SUMMARY Job analysis information provides the...

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Unformatted text preview: I SUMMARY Job analysis information provides the foundations of an organizations human resource information system. Analysts seek to gin a general understanding of the organization and the writ it per— forms. Then they design job analysis questionnaires to coiled specific data about jobs, jobhoider characteristics, and job performance standards. job analysis information can be collected through interview, mailed quenionnaires, employee logs. direct observation, or some combination of these techniques. Once collected. the data are converted into such useful applications as job descriptions, job specifications, and job standards. Job analysis information is important, because it tells human resource specialists Ta’i‘tat duties and responsibilities are associated with each job. This information is then used when these spe- cialists undertake other human resource management activities such as job design, recruiting. and selection. Jobs are the link between organizations and their human resources. The combined accomplishment of everyjoh allows the organization to meet its objectives. Similarly; jobs rep- resent not 01.1131Ir a source of income to workers, but also a means of fulfilling their needs. For the organization and its employees to receive these mutual benefits, jobs must provide also a high quality of mrk life. This means that when-designnig jobs organisational priorities (e.g., effi- ciency} alone should not play the decisive role. The needs of employees aswell as environmental realities also playr critical roles in job design efforts. This is especially true with the emergence of a "de-johbed' and I'bottnadat'jr-less'o work world where employees are expected to take initiative and solve problems creatively. ...
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