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(BA Marketing - Marketing Essentials Unit 1 The World of Marketing Chapter 1 Marketing Is All Around Us Chapter 2 The Marketing Plan Unit 2

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Marketing Essentials Unit 1: The World of Marketing Chapter 1: Marketing Is All Around Us Chapter 2: The Marketing Plan Unit 2: Economics Chapter 3: Political and Economic Analysis Chapter 4: Global Analysis Unit 3: Business and Society Chapter 5: The Free Enterprise System Chapter 6: Legal and Ethical Issues Unit 4: Skills for Marketing Chapter 7: Basic Math Skills Chapter 8: Communication Skills Chapter 9: Technology Applications for Marketing Chapter 10: Interpersonal Skills Chapter 11: Management Skills Unit 5: Selling Chapter 12: Preparing for the Sale Chapter 13: Initiating the Sale Chapter 14: Presenting the Product Chapter 15: Closing the Sale Chapter 16: Using Math in Sales Unit 6: Promotion Chapter 17: Promotional Concepts and Strategies Chapter 18: Visual Merchandising and Display Chapter 19: Advertising Chapter 20: Print Advertisements Unit 7: Distribution Chapter 21: Channels of Distribution Chapter 22: Physical Distribution Chapter 23: Purchasing Chapter 24: Stock Handling and Inventory Control Unit 8: Pricing Chapter 25: Price Planning Chapter 26: Pricing Strategies Chapter 27: Pricing Math Unit 9: Marketing Information Management Chapter 28: Marketing Research Chapter 29: Conducting Marketing Research Unit 10: Product and Service Management Chapter 30: Product Planning Chapter 31: Branding, Packaging, and Labeling Chapter 32: Extended Product Features Unit 11: Entrepreneurship and Finance Chapter 33: Entrepreneurial Concepts Chapter 34: Risk Management Chapter 35: Developing a Business Plan Chapter 36: Financing the Business Unit 12: Employability and Career Development Chapter 37: Identifying Career Opportunities Chapter 38: Finding and Applying For a Job 1
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Marketing Essentials Chapter 1: Marketing Is All Around Us Chapter Summaries Section 1.1 Marketing is defined as the process of planning, pricing, promoting, selling, and distributing ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy customers. There are seven Marketing Core functions: channel management, market planning, marketing information management, pricing, product/ service management, promotion, and selling. The marketing concept is a focus on customers' needs and wants while generating a profit. Section 1.2 Three benefits of marketing are new and improved products, lower prices, and added value (utility). Utility is the value that the functions of marketing add to a product or service. Five economic utilities are form, place, time, possession, and information. Section 1.3 A market is defined as all people who share similar needs and wants and who have the ability to purchase given products. The consumer market consists of consumers who buy goods and services for personal use. The industrial, or business-to-business, market includes businesses that buy products and services for use in their operations. Market share is a firm's percentage of the total sales in a given market.
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(BA Marketing - Marketing Essentials Unit 1 The World of Marketing Chapter 1 Marketing Is All Around Us Chapter 2 The Marketing Plan Unit 2

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