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Colonization I. England A. Buccaneers – Protestantism and Plunder – Sir Francis Drake B. Roanoke Island – 1585 – “lost colony” – forgotten during war – CROATOAN C. Reasons for Colonization 1. Enclosure – small farmers forced out 2. Unemployed farmers 3. Primogeniture – oldest son 4. Joint Stock Company – investment 5. Peace with Spain 6. Adventure II. South – Rivers, plantations, seasons – suitable for farming – started by single males A. Virginia - Jamestown – Virginia Company – Starving Time – Pocahontas – John Smith a. “He who shall not work shall not eat” – John Smith b. wrong type of explorers/colonists – age, gender, motivation – gold c. John Rolfe – Tobacco – “bewitching weed” B. Maryland – Catholic haven C. West Indies – Sugar – absentee slave owners – mostly male slaves D. Carolinas – linked to W. Indies – Charles a. N. Carolina – less aristocratic, independent, some outcasts, religious E. Georgia – buffer zone and philanthropic experiment – new start for criminals
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