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Outline5CriticalEra - Critical Period 1776-1787 I State...

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Critical Period – 1776-1787 I. State Constitutions a. Kept some of old – provincial assemblies 1. Colonial self-government for 150 years 2. “their just powers from the consent of the governed” b. Methods – written constitutions 1. written by provincial assemblies 2. Mass. – town meetings, state conventions c. Format – dec. of independence + citizen rights + executive/legislative 1. weaken powers of governor 2. white males with property eligible to vote d. Anti-slavery 1. Dec. of Indep. Mentions slavery – South forced out 2. Mass. 1783 – slave sued “all men are created equal” – freed II. Continental Congress a. 1777 – Articles of Confederation – ratified in 1781 b. Until ratified – Continental Congress governed 1. Lost power as war progressed – most talented returned to state c. Succeses – army, navy, marines, appointed George Washington, supplied army d. Failure – financing war – taxes optional, money worthless “not worth a Continental” III. Articles of Confederation - failures a.
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