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Making a Nation – 1788-1810 I. Causes Foreign– France and England attacking American merchant ships/impressment A. French Revolution turns violent – Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans favor B. Washington stays out – Neutrality Proclamation 1793 – U.S. just beginning C. Jay’s Treaty – Britain won’t attack in future, but won’t pay for past attacks D. Washington’s Farewell Address – stay out of foreign alliances – policy for next 100 years E. Adams next president – XYZ Affair – American ambassadors not bribed F. Jefferson deals with France a. Embargo Act – don’t trade with anyone – totally fails/destroys econ. b. Nonintercourse Act – Trade w/ everyone but Britain/France c. Macon’s Bill No. 2 – Madison – trade again w/BritainFrance if… II. Causes Domestic A. British forts along frontier
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Unformatted text preview: B. Helping Native Americans fight colonists moving west a. Wipe out Canada – Indians will have no home base/British support b. Tecumseh tries to unite Indians – big battle lost at Tippecanoe III. Federalists opposed to war A. Take Canada – a ton more farmers to join Democratic Republicans B. Hurting trade C. Supported Britain D. Later have Hartford Convention and threaten to have New England break away a. Signals end of Federalist Party – bad idea to talk of new country during wartime IV. Importance A. Peace Treaty changes nothing – status quo ante bellum – same as before B. Gives war hero – Andrew Jackson C. Gives national song – Star Spangled Banner D. Unites Americans against common enemy E. American beginnings of strong navy – USS Constitution – Old Ironsides...
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