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Creating an American Culture – 1790-1860 I. Religion – by 1850 ¾ claim to be religious, but not most far from Puritan form A. Deism – God is great clockmaker – founding fathers B. Unitarianism – God is loving creator, father figure, people control destiny C. Second Great Awakening – attempt to return to conservative religious practice 1. Effects – more converted, some churches destroyed, others created a. Methodists/Baptists – poor attracted/non-traditional 2. Camp Meetings – traveling preachers, thousands gather, get “saved” D. Mormon – Joseph Smith – organized, group dynamic – new message from God 1. Feared by neighbors – voted as unit, polygamy, n ot individualistic 2. Brigham Young moved to Utah – MO and Ohio kicked out II. Education Reform – creation of public schools/state sponsored universities A. Before – public schools seen as for poor only – convinced that education benefits society B. Little Red Schoolhouse – not effective, multiple grades one room, poorly trained teachers
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