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Westward Expansion I. Gradual Expansion of Frontier – Each addition adds to slavery issue, moves frontier, Indian problems A. Proclamation of 1763 – Colonists not west of Appalachians – annoys colonists B. Treaty of 1783 – Britain gives US land to Mississippi C. 1803 - Louisiana Purchase – Napoleon realizes he can’t keep French empire - $15 mil i. Brings up issue of constitutionality of president purchasing land ii. Lewis and Clarke – ecology, Native Americans, surveying, claiming Oregon 1. Open up westward movement D. 1820s-1830s – Texas – Mexico encourages movement – $.12 per acre – become Catholic i. After Santa Anna – Alamo – country Republic of Texas ii. Not annexed right away – fear it would be broken into many slave states E. 1847 – Utah – Mormons – organized voting block/feared for organization – kicked out F. 1846 – Polk – 54 40 or Fight! – extend America into Canada above Washington i. America can’t fight Mexico and Britain – agree to make boundary above Wash.
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