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The Gilded Age A. Cities – offer jobs, entertainment, plumbing, electricity, phones, department stores, architecture 1. Immigration – antiforeignism – Nativistist Movement – Know-Nothing Party A. Pre 1880 – immigrants came from Germany, British Isles – high literacy B. Post 1880 – New Immigrant – Mediterranean, Slavic – poor literacy, arrive impoverished C. Reasons for leaving – population explosion, persecution, exaggerated letters – streets paved with gold 2. City Problems – waste disposal of packaged products, sewage A. Criminals, sanitoriums – homeless roaming the streets B. Slums – dumbbell tenement – one toilet, poor ventilation, disease spreads – easy to build 3. Machine Politics – Boss System – a political machine “machine politics” controls who gets elected A. Boss Tweed – help immigrants in exchange for votes – government leaders then have to give them kick-backs/money from government projects B. Provides services/infrastructure for cities, but above the law – controls judges/politicians
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