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The Progressive Era I. Definition – the middle class feels those above are abusing the system and those below are becoming a Socialist threat – must have government become an “agency of human welfare” II. Progressive Roots A. Jane Addams – Hull House – starts Settlement House movement 1. Neighborhood activities, counseling, childcare, education for the poor B. Protestant Clergymen – “Social Gospel” – “Christian Socialists” – God says must help society C. Greenback Labor Party 1870s and Populists 1890s – demanded social help D. Nation becoming frustrated with monopolies E. Prided individualism to justify inaction no longer makes sense in machine age F. How the Other Half Lives – Jacob Riis – shows life of poor III. Muckrakers – publishers make money off exposing ills of society – term given by Teddy Roosevelt A. Magazines – McClures, Cosmopolitan, Colliers 1. Lincoln Steffens – Shame of the Cities – business and cities have corrupt alliance 2. Ida Tarbell –
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