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The Nixon Years I. Election of 1968 – most heated political season in history A. Democratic convention has mass riots – mobs bait officers – feces, shouts 1. Eventually police riot breaks out 2. Robert Kennedy had been killed – leaves pro-war Humphrey in power B. Republicans – victory in Vietnam and strong anticrime policy C. George Wallace – segregation campaign – gets 45 electoral votes from South C. Nixon wins – doesn’t win one city – Democrats vote cities, blacks vote cities II. Johnson remembered – Vietnam failure, but done more for Civil Rights than Lincoln III. Nixon-Kissinger Foreign Policy A. Vietnam – escalation and then pull-out troops 1. Asians and others have to fight own wars 2. Vietnamization – train Vietnamese to fight war for selves 3. Bomb Cambodia to clear out Vietnamese B. China – restoring relations – road to getting out of Vietnam requires help of China 1. China starting to clash with Soviets – take opportunity 2. 1972 makes journey to China
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