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Women’s Rights POLITICAL 1. Women followed England’s example a. Running in front of horses 2. 1848 – Seneca Falls a. Declaration of Sentiments 3. Organizations: a. 1869 – NWSA a. fighting in Congress b. 1869 - AWSA a. fighting in states c. 1966 – NOW a. equality in workplace 3. Federal Acts a. 1893 – CO lets women vote b. 1920 – 19 th Amendment c. 1960 – FDA approves birth control pills d. 1963 – Equal Pay Act e. 1973 – Roe vs. Wade a. safe and legal abortion f. 1978 – Pregnancy Discrimination Act g. 1994 – Violence Against Women Act SOCIAL 1. Women’s Role a. no vote, husband has control, no property unless widowed b. women are few in the west / have more power 2. 1920’s a. flappers, new ideas of women a. seen as deteriorating society b. clothing shorter – WWI rationing a. showing knees, calve b. birth control a. women have power to control life c. Car - changed dating d. Alcohol a. women drinking in bars, more equal
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Unformatted text preview: 3. 1930s Great Depression a. huge destruction of family unit a. women becoming breadwinners b. FDR 1 st woman in cabinet a. Eleanor Roosevelt fought for everyone 4. 1940s WWI a. Rosie the Riveter b. Sexual Evolution i. Sinatra, bobbysoxers ii. Relationships pushed with men going to war 5. 1950s Return to Normalcy a. backwards movement / women back to the home i. govt told women to return home 1. housing boom track homes b. advertising i. TV consumerism - products for women in the home ii. Ideal mother - Leave it to Beaver etc. 6. 1960s & 70s a. birth control approved a. women have the right to choose home/career b. Feminism movement a. learns from civil rights movement 1. civil disobedience bra burning, pageant protesting c. 1963 - Feminine Mystique - Betty Freidan...
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