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Civil Rights Movement (1955-1960) 1) Events a) Murder of Emmett Till-boy from Chicago i) Whistle @ white women…murdered by women’s husband and brother (1) Emmett=martyr ii) Open-casket funeral…huge media coverage iii) Mrs. Till & Mose Wright (uncle) spoke against whites iv) Murders convicted not guilty…all white jury b) Montgomery Bus Boycott (Dec.1, 1955) i) Non-violent ii) Rosa Parks-white section >SC integrating buses c) Little Rock, Arkansas i) Desegregation of schools-state vs. federal (1) Nt’l Guard vs. U.S. Army ii) “Little Rock 9”-good AA students (1) Escorted by “101 st Hall Monitors”(U.S. Air Force) iii) 1 st integrated school d) Sit-ins-Greensboro, NC…Nashville, TN…big media… Purpose-be arrested i) Jim Lawson non-violent workshop…rules on sitting, clothes etc ii) Both black and whites worked together e) Freedom Rides…integrate buses on state line i) Washington D.C. >deep south ii) SNCC-main org. iii) JFK sends federal troops f) March on Washington…250,000-300,000 b&w together i) “I have a dream” ii)
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