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LESSON 3 TRAINING MANUAL Friends, After reading this lesson you will be able to 1. Know what training manual is. 2. Explain Crucial contents of Training manual 3. Design Training Manual 4. Prepare training budget Training manual of any organization consists of following information about training. Training Policy: Policy is a written Statement expressing company’s vision mission regarding training. Policy is guideline for action. A Training policy includes training needs identification process, Training budget, people to be trained and areas of training, types of training, responsibility for training. Training policy should be in align with Business strategies in past few years. Training Budget: A financial and/ or quantitative statement prepared prior to a defined period of time of policy to be pursued during that period for the purpose of attaining a give objective. Estimated prepared in financial terms regarding:- WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHAT HOW BUDGETING & CONTROLLING THE T & D FUNCTIONS MANAGEMENT POLICIES The top management always looks at the loss and profit for any activity. The objectives of the strategies are only divided on the basis of cost justifications or viability aspect of the activities jn terms of resources. Though the return on investment of Human Resources Development is still controversial in view of time variable in achieving desired change and effectiveness in the employees, management does want some portion of the cost format and its return patterm to decide how much to be invested and what will be the benefits to the organisation in terms of rupees or increase in profitability or reduction in wastage etc. Otherwise it may jeopardize the entire organisation.
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No doubt, HRD is the key area in bringing out excellence in organisation and in fact this has been observed in sixth and seventh five year plans also as this costs to the organisation, it should be viewed carefully in relation to the organisation's size, turn over, total budget and the percentage or part of budget used for HRD. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS ON HRD BUDGET: General 1.5 to 25% of the total employees salary (with few exceptions) could be allotted for HRD activities as per the various studies and researches done in this context. However the new establishment do need much higher allocation for few months & for which the justification or viability report can be put up to the management with expected benefits (in terms of rupees) in coming years like R01 plan for new establishment. Unusual circumstances, when office or entire plants may be shut down for T & D to implement, new technology etc. cannot be overruled. In such cases the costs may vary as high as 100% during this period. BUDGET ALLOCATION
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Lesson03TrainingManual - LESSON 3 TRAINING MANUAL Friends,...

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