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LESSON 13 TRAINING DEPARTMENT Hi Friends, In previous few lessons you have understood the procedure followed for Training and Development. After reading this lesson you will be able to plan and organize Training department in any organization wherever you will go for work. Before understanding what will make a effective training department let us first understand role and activities done by HRD and training specialist department . ROLE AND ACTIVITIES OF HRD AND TRAINING SPECIALIST HRD is based on the faith in the inherent potential in every human which can be , manifested by giving right direction and orientation. At the same time human resource is unpredictable resource which has unlimited potential. These two statements gently hint that the organisational efficiency can be improved by optimising this resource as it is the only resource which can be adjusted and modified to meet the challenging technological and socio-economic environment. This recognition of emphasis on human resource development has created a need for appraisal of present competence future demand and maintenance of resources for long term benefits. HRD process maximise the use of human resource by way of optimising competence of available human resource, improving the competence for future challenges and utilising unemployed resource HRD, thus performs the role of personnel management as well as training and Development department and it therefore, needs to be studied, analysed minutely and accurately before deciding the real roles and activity of department The roles and activities of HRD will mostly depend on the HRD mechanism being utilised, the HRD needs of the organisation and the facilities, opportunities provided Thus the role of HRD starts from the analysis of organisational objectives/goals, in par with characteristics of available resources and desired specifications manpower planning recruitment, placement, appraisal reward, punishments and maintenance of resource is one aspect of HRD accountability, where as. organisational climate and opportunity are another. ROLE AND ACTIVITIES OF HRD DEPTT Accordingly the main roles of HRD can be listed as
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1. Human resource planning 2. Human resource accounting 3. Human resource allocation and role planning Human resource training and development Human resource maintenance 4. Climate development of HRD The growth of organization depends on: 1. Strategic decisions taken by management and 2. Implementation of these decisions by employees. The training and development activity is a vital link to facilitate the implementation process by imparting the required training to improve the competence of the employees & to effectively implement the management decisions. Well trained people can be somewhat effective without well prepared strategic
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Lesson13TrainingDepartment - LESSON 13 TRAINING DEPARTMENT...

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