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LESSON 19 METHODS AND STYLES OF TRAINING Introduction to training Methods and Techniques Friends, In previous units of you have been explained about concept of training and development and the procedure of training. This unit gives an exposure to various training methods and techniques used , most commenly used training methods, best method to be used for specific type of training. After reading this unit you will be able to: 1. Explain various methods and techniques to training 2. Understand the significance of training methods in effective training 3. Select appropriate training method INTRODUCTION: Training is considered as a tool for Human Resource Development (HRD). Nowadays it is an unmissable step in each and every developmental process of human being. It has immense potential in transfer and utilization of latest technical known how , leadership development, organiation of people, formation of self help group mobilization of people as well as resources empowerment of resource poor rural mass, entreneurship development etc. which are considered as essential components of HRD. Hayword (1989) identified training as one of the key factors in implementing extension and observed that extension design and planning should include training for all staff at all levels as a basic mechanism for inculcating competence professionalism and service morale. For all these an appropriate training methodology is very much essential. There are many such methods followed by different training institutions for imparting training in extension. The ancient one of these is Lecture Method. For so many days it was the only method used in training, but due to its various drawbacks now it is almost obsolete. It is observed that participative methods, simulation methods are very much effective in imparting training. Electronic technologies are also likely to make a deep impact on training of extension personnel in India and abroad. Use of Interactive Computer Video Technology ( ICVT), Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), tele conferencing etc. are getting popularity day by day. Moreover,these are proved to be very effective tools in extension training. Here we shall discuss about the current trends in the use of extension training methods for giving training to the extension personnel.
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RECENT METHODS USED IN TRAINING Within a few years the global scenario has changed quite a lot. Need of professionalism is clearly established to meet new challenges in various fields of specialization. Despite back ground education, professionalism can be achieved only with proper training. The most important question facing us today is: How to make training better? Some commonly used methods are discussed in the following pages: CASE STUDY: What it is? A history of some events or set of circumstance with the relevant detail is examined by
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Lesson19Methods&StylesOfTraining - LESSON 19...

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