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Lesson:-02 DIFFERENT APPROACHES AND SYSTEMS OF MANAGEMENT, SKILLS, ROLES AND MODERN CHALLENGES Objectives of the lesson After studying this lesson, you should understand: 1. The various approaches to management 2. The systems approach to management 3. The social responsibilities of management and Management covers a wide variety of activities. Theorists and academic authors have contributed to the study management and one can see a huge volume of writings on the management. The various approaches to management and umpteen number of differing views have only added to the confusion of what the management is all about. It isn’t surprising to know that a highly respected author had called the situation as “the management theory jungle”. Various Approaches to Management Analysis of management from various view points have to led to different approaches. They have been summarized as the following: Characteristics Limitations Empirical/Case Approach Knowledge based on experience through case studies. Analyzes successes and failures. No concrete principles. Of limited value for developing management theory. Group Behaviour Approach Importance on people as groups and their behaviour. Study of Social and Organizational Behaviour of the people in groups. Generally differs with management concepts, theories and techniques. Closer integration with organization structure is needed. Cooperative social systems approach Concept includes any cooperative group with a purpose and is concerned with both interpersonal and group behavioural aspects. This approach overlooks the managerial concepts and is too broad a field for the study of management Interpersonal behaviour approach Concentrates on interpersonal behaviour, leadership, motivation and human This approach too like the earlier ones ignores managerial concepts such as 1
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relations. planning, organizing and controlling. Systems approach According to this approach, unlike the earlier ones management concepts such as planning organizing and controlling are given due importance. Interaction with the external environment is also considered. There is nothing new about this approach to the management. Characteristics Limitations Sociotechnical systems approach Technical systems such as production and office operation have great effect on social system such as personal attitudes and group behaviour. This concept places importance on labor and lower-level office work and ignores other managerial knowledge. Mathematical approach In this concept managing is treated as a mathematical processes. It is viewed as a purely logical process and is expressed in mathematical symbols and relationships. Managing is not a pure science and hence cannot be completely modeled.
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Lesson02DifferentApproaches&SystemsOfManagement -...

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