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Lesson:-04 Planning – Part I Objectives of the lesson After studying this lesson, you should understand: 1. The needs for planning 2. The different types of planning 3. The principles of planning 4. The steps in planning Needs for planning As we saw in the beginning i.e. in Lesson 1, ‘management’ had begun as people started forming groups to achieve their goals. They were quick to realize that managing is necessary to ensure proper coordination of all the individuals in the group. If the group effort is to be successful then its every member must know exactly what is expected of him. This is the fundamental function of planning. This is a basic function of the manager. Planning is the most crucial part of the functions of the manager. The importance of planning cannot be over emphasized. It has been rightly said, “Failure to plan is planning to fail”. Most of the organisations very often fail due to poor planning. Whatever be the resources one may have, without planning one cannot move ahead. Planning is determining the objectives and formulating the methods to achieve them. It is more simply said than done. A job well planned is half done. During planning one need to ask oneself the following: What am I trying to accomplish? i.e. What is my objective? What resources do I have and need to accomplish the same? What are the methods and means to achieve the objectives? Is this the optimal path? Good and effective managers are positive in their approach and are optimistic and yet prepare themselves for the worst. Though one cannot foresee the future but should learn anticipate. No one can wail till the problems develop before preparing to tackle them. This is rather being proactive. And proaction is an essential ingredient of planning. Planning needs choosing the best course of action among many alternatives and decision making. If one is left with no alternatives then there is no scope for planning i.e. choosing. It is essentially an intellectual process requiring knowledge, experience and intelligence. 1
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Planning is needed to make things happen or to cope up with the changes, otherwise, one has to simply be spectator and watch things happen. Types of planning We have seen that planning is essential for the success and survival of any orgainisation. One should also understand that there exist many different types of plans. One can plan
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Lesson04PlanningPartI - Lesson:-04 Planning Part I...

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