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Lesson:-07 PLANNING AND STRATEGIC PLANNING Case Study 16.001G Essentials of Management 47 ©Copy Right : Rai University Citizenship To honor our obligations to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each nation and each community in which we operate. Table I Recent results: The corporate culture of XP is known as The XP Way, which is the title of the book which employees are issued with when they join the business. This book charts the success of the company but also makes it very clear that it is the set of values and beliefs held within the organization, which forms the basis of its corporate culture. From these values come the objectives, and from the objectives come the strategy. There are five organizational ‘values’, which form the basis of the XP way. 1. Trust and respect for individuals; the belief that XP people want to do a good job and must be given the correct support and training. The business attracts capable, innovative people who are encouraged and expected to contribute enthusiastically to the business. 2. A high level of achievement and commitment; customers expect the highest quality so all employees must focus on the customer; continual improvement is therefore expected from everyone. 3. The business has integrity i.e. there is an expectation for everyone to be open and honest in order to earn trust and loyalty. 4. Objectives are achieved through teamwork; only through co-operation between different parts of the business can the best results be attained. In a sense this is another application of synergy, in that the value of the whole team is greater than the total value of the individuals working on their own.
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5. Flexibility and innovation – XP employees are encouraged to produce new ideas, which help XP to achieve its objectives. It is said that one employee, who came from another large US business to work at XP, left after three months, returning to the former business. The reason he gave was that no one actually told him what to do! Strategy In order to achieve the objectives, the business employs several strategies, one of which is known as MBWA or managing by walking around, whereby leaders are seen to be actively involved in talking with employees, reserving time for impromptu discussions. Another is management by objectives, which means all employees have objectives which are integrated with other employees, hereby allowing flexibility to satisfy customers. The Open Door policy is a sign to encourage employees to 48 16.001G Essentials of Management ©Copy Right : Rai University share their feelings, and rasise the level of trust between manager and work – force. Finally, open communication promotes strong teamwork and a close relationship with the customer. In 1999, XP decided that the business should divide into two separate parts – the computer business and the electronic testing business. The latter was the actual business, which formed the start of XP, and therefore the initial values and objectives were based on electronic testing. It will be
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