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Lesson:-11 Tutorial HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Case Study What`s Next ? As forward-looking CEOs restructure their organization with flatter hierarchies and empower employees to make decisions in a less encumbered organizational setting, new approaches to describing the work of the organization need to be developed. Traditionally, job descriptions have been functional and narrow, discretely detailing the scope and depth of a job and fitting the person to the job rather than the other way around. But the new environment of information-driven work and changing technology dictates that “decisions must be made at the drop of a fax.” To maintain productivity and flexibility, managers depend increasingly on utilizing the com-plex skills of the people they manage; they cannot afford to have them “boxed in” by narrow job descriptions. One organization that is grappling with this situation is the Exploration Division of British Petroleum (BPX), with locations all over the globe. The third-largest oil company in the world, BPX was typical of large-scale organizations in that it had accu-mulated layers of bureaucracy. Career advancement was based on time-in-grade, and career
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Lesson11HumanResourceManagement - Lesson-11 Tutorial HUMAN...

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