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Lesson:-16 EVOLUTION OF ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Objectives Define organizational behavior. List the major challenges and opportunities for managers to use OB concepts Identify the contributions made by major behavioral science disciplines to OB Explain various approaches to the study of OB. Identify and Expalain the OB model. EVOLUTION OF ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Evolution and nature of Organizational Behavior Welcome students to your module Organizational Behaviour. Let us try to understand term organizational behaviour. ‘Organizational Behaviour’ – It has two words ‘organisation’ and ‘Behaviour’. Now, what is an organization? We can define the term organization as two or more individuals who are interacting with each other within a deliberately structured set up and working in an interdependent way to achieve some common objective/s. Organizations play a major role in our lives. We possibly cannot think of a single moment in our lives when we are not depending on organizations in some form or the other. Right From the public transport that you use to come to your institute, the Institute itself, the class you are attending at this moment, are all examples of organizations. So Now dear students
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Lesson16EvolutionOfOrganisationalBehaviour - Lesson:-16...

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