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Lesson:-17 Individual and Physical abilities. Dear students, welcome to your next learning module that is behaviour of individuals. We have seen that organizations comprises of people from different cultures. Thus organizations get seriously affected by such individual qualities as ability, perception, learning and motivation. In our subsequent lessons we would try to learn each one separately. Individual Ability So students let’s see how an individuals ability is related to organizational behaviour; Organizational behaviour is traditionally considered as the ‘ study of human behaviour in the work place’. According to this view organisations, representing collective entities of human actions and experiences, are dependent upon the extent to which such actions/ experiences, are effectively coordinated. To understand human action, one needs to have a fundamental understanding of human behaviours and the underlying stimuli. The behaviour of individuals are influenced significantly by their abilities. The following diagram presents the various individual factors affecting the final behaviour of a person. Figure 1.Behaviour of Individuals
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ABILITY Ability refers to an individual’s capacity to perform the various tasks in a job. An individual's overall abilities are essentially made up of the following factors: 1. Intellectual Abilities, and 2. Physical Abilities. Different Types of Abilities Figure 2. Various types of abilities INTELLECTUAL ABILITIES: Intellectual Abilities are those that are needed to perform mental activities. Mental
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Lesson17Individual&PhysicalAbilities - Lesson-17...

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