5424Ch06 - FM 5-424 CHAPTER 6 Foreign Systems Most foreign...

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FM 5-424 Foreign Systems 6-1 CHAPTER 6 Foreign Systems Most foreign wiring systems are not installed according to prescribed stan- dards, so they do not conform to the rigid safety limitations and practices fol- lowed in the US. This fact may be attributed largely to material shortages in most foreign countries that have dictated the use and employment of materi- als at hand. In many instances, these materials would be considered below standard or expedient substitutes in the US. These limitations have been advantageous in some areas, such as the Scandinavian countries, because they have provided an incentive for electrical development that has resulted in more rapid advancement. This chapter acquaints electrical personnel with the major differences to be found and the precautions to be taken when mak- ing wiring installations or using equipment purchased or procured in a for- eign country. To properly illustrate and discuss the major differences in foreign wiring, US standards are reviewed when necessary. Section I. Wiring Installations TYPE OF WIRING The wiring system generally in use in most foreign countries is similar to open wiring installations because of the low material requirements. Other types of installations, outlined in the preceding chapters, are being installed in urban areas. VOLTAGES DOMESTIC The US uses nominal voltages that range from 120 to 240 volts for single-phase AC low-voltage distribution. Though these volt- ages are considered to be standard voltage ratings because of their prevalent use, some locations and areas throughout this country still have DC systems or use AC systems with nonstandard voltages. FOREIGN Since many countries employ voltages other than those we accept as standard, the elec- trical equipment in use during occupancy or wartime must be converted, modified, or operated inefficiently when powered by for- eign electrical installations. FM 5-422 includes frequency and voltage charts for different parts of the world. FREQUENCY
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5424Ch06 - FM 5-424 CHAPTER 6 Foreign Systems Most foreign...

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