5424Ch09 - FM 5-424 CHAPTER 9 Controls and Instruments A...

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FM 5-424 Controls and Instruments 9-1 CHAPTER 9 Controls and Instruments A complex set of controls and instruments monitors the operation of an elec- tric generator set. Equipment operators must understand what these controls and instruments monitor and how they work. Information about many con- trols and instruments is included in this chapter. Additional information about the controls and instruments for a specific generator set is in the man- ual issued with the set. ENGINE CONTROLS The controls and instruments used to oper- ate a generator set are installed in a control panel similar to the one in Figure 9-1, page 9-2 . NOTE: In this chapter, the number in parentheses after the control name corresponds to the callout in Figure 9-1 . The DC circuit breaker (20) protects DC cir- cuits against shorts and emergency stops. When pressed in the start position, the start-run-stop switch (32) completes the bat- tery circuit to start the motor. The switch is released and returns to the run position after the generator starts. The switch remains in the run position until it is placed in the stop position. The manual speed control (21) regulates the speed of the engine. The heater controls (Figure 9-2, page 9-3 ) oper- ate the engine's heater. The control set includes a circuit breaker, a heater-on indi- cator light (press-to-test light), and an on-off switch. The press-to-test light is on when the heater is operating. The three-way fuel valve ( Figure 9-3, page 9-3 ) directs the flow of fuel from the source of supply to the fuel pump. The valve has three positions— auxiliary fuel tank, set fuel tank, and off. The first two positions indicate the fuel source. For example, when the valve handle is in the set fuel tank position, fuel is drawn from the tank on the generator set. SAFETY CONTROLS Most generator sets have a safety-control system similar to the one in Figure 9-4, page 9-4 . The system consists of relays, overspeed safety devices, and pressure-temperature controls. The generator shuts down when a
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5424Ch09 - FM 5-424 CHAPTER 9 Controls and Instruments A...

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