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5424Ch10 - FM 5-424 CHAPTER 10 Setup Installation and...

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FM 5-424 Setup, Installation, and Operation Procedures 10-1 CHAPTER 10 Setup, Installation, and Operation Procedures Equipment operators must be able to set up and install an electric generator set in the field and to determine locations for the fuel supply and maintenance facilities. If performed properly, this function helps ensure safe and efficient equipment performance throughout the field of operations. This chapter describes the tasks required to set up and install an electric generator set and support facilities in the field. Section I. Setup and Installation PRELIMINARY INSTRUCTIONS An electric generator set may arrive in the field completely operational and ready for use. However, if the equipment was shipped from a supply or maintenance point, the flu- ids have been drained out of the set and it is not in an operational-ready status. Several preliminary tasks are required to set up the equipment and support facilities for a field unit. INSPECT THE EQUIPMENT The operator must carefully inspect all incoming equipment. Inspect the identification plate. Ensure that the information on the plate matches the equipment. Inspect the generator set for damage. Document all damage on DA Form 2404 and submit the form to the next echelon of maintenance. Compare the equipment with the pack- ing list to ensure that all items shipped are present and serviceable. Inspect the entire unit carefully for loose and missing hardware. Tighten loose hardware and replace missing items. Turn the engine over by hand to ensure that all moving parts in the engine and the generator move freely. Ensure that all tags, tape, cloth, and barrier materials are removed. SERVICE THE EQUIPMENT Perform daily preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS) after the equip- ment is inspected. Lubricate the generator set's engine according to the instructions in the cur- rent lubrication order. Correct as many deficiencies as you can and report uncorrectable deficiencies to organizational maintenance. INSTALL THE FUEL SUPPLY One of the equipment operator's most important tasks is to properly install the
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FM 5-424 10-2 Setup, Installation, and Operation Procedures fuel supply and storage tanks required for the generator set. Gasoline, diesel fuel, or jet fuel (JP-4) may be used to power the gen- erator set. Consider the following when planning installation of the fuel storage area: Planned duration of the field installa- tion. Security requirements. Potential fire and safety hazards. Potential sources of contamination. Planned Duration The length of time the field unit will be in operation partly determines how the fuel storage facilities are installed. For a long- term field unit, use the proper fittings to install the fuel tanks underground. Ensure that the tanks comply with the manufac- turer's instructions. Select a location that is convenient to the using equipment. Proper installation and a convenient location mini- mize the hazards of fuel contamination, vapor lock, and fire.
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