5424Ch11 - FM 5-424 Part Four Other Electrical Procedures...

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FM 5-424 Building Attachments and Services 11-1 Part Four. Other Electrical Procedures CHAPTER 11 Building Attachments and Services All electrical energy supplied to power-consuming devices and appliances within a building must pass through the electrical service-entrance equipment where it is metered, protected, and distributed through branch circuits. The size is determined by the amount of power-consuming devices connected. Power from military generators or the local power company is delivered into the building (overhead or underground) through lead-in conductors. SERVICE WIRES The service wire from the pole to the build- ing usually consists of two, three, or four conductors on separate insulators at the pole and the building or two- or three-con- ductor, concentric-type service cables. When installing attachments and services, use insulated conductors. If installing an over- head service drop is impractical, run ser- vices underground from a transformer installation. LENGTH Keep service drops less than 100 feet long for No 8, 6, 4, or 2 wire. For No 0 or larger wire, do not exceed 75-foot spans unless proper anchoring and support is provided. Long or large services should be guyed at the line pole. SIZE Although No 6 wire is recommended for overhead service cable, you should deter- mine the size by the maximum demand load of electrical equipment used in each build- ing. Use
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5424Ch11 - FM 5-424 Part Four Other Electrical Procedures...

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